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We’re launching Waves Explorer 2.0!

Waves Launches Explorer 2.0

The new version is optimised for mobile devices and fits perfectly within Waves’ unified design concept.

With the Christmas holidays in full swing for much of the world, the Waves team is still working hard and is pleased to announce another important launch before the end of the year. The new release of the Waves Explorer 2.0 is a major update, bringing the UI into line with the design of othxer Waves products. We have included several stability patches and — most importantly — improved the experience for mobile devices.

New UI

Our frontend team has created a much clearer and more user-friendly interface, and the overall experience for the application is now similar to other apps in the Waves ecosystem.

The design has been adapted for mobile devices, so it’s now easy to check transactions and network status from your smartphone or tablet.

Network Settings

The new Explorer allows easy switching between MainNet and TestNet. In addition, there is a convenient tool that enables users to configure the Explorer for their custom network, meaning you can track any network or node you want.

Stability & Performance

We have enhanced the quality of the code by removing unnecessary API calls and using new libraries. The result of these optimisations is a notable improvement in the loading times for pages and components. Since Waves is one of the fastest open blockchains in the world, it’s our goal to build the fastest Explorer in the world too, with the same unrivalled user experience of our other apps. We’re not there yet, but we’re making steady progress!

Next Steps

Tools like this are a very important product of any blockchain ecosystem, and we will continue to improve our Explorer. We are currently working on new APIs that will allow us to display the distribution of tokens by addresses and to watch the history of the balance change. We also plan to add a map of the distributi...

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