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As we see, the price is getting worse and worse. IMHO, this is because Waves marketing is not doing the right job and they are issuing news in the bad time. Last time, when waves had improvements in their platform, they were announcing them pretty poorly. And at the same time, this was a period prior the fork and bitcoin cash, and nobody cared about waves news, because everyone was selling alts and buying bitcoin. That period waves went down from 0.00220 till 0.00100 Situation is happening again. Waves have HUUUGE news regarding their new generation platfrom. And again they are not marketing it enought. And again they are doing this before potential fork. And again nobody cares about Waves news, as all people are buying BTC. How it will be now: Waves will issue positive news, only 1% will pay attention to it with no price change. Price will continue to decline, as everyone still buys bitcoins prior fork. A fork happens, nobody doesn't remember about Waves NG, because there are another news from other companies. I'm so delighted with technology and so disappointed with marketing. Of course, i'm still hodling waves tokens and haven't sold anything since ico, but this getting ridiculous. Waves team, please do something, otherwise you loose people's support and trust.
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