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Waves Lease Node - Payment #75 Completed

Node [waveslease.com](https://waveslease.com/index.php/article/view/waveslease.com) has just sent Payment **#75**, covering blocks  **1777167 -> 1787405 (88 Blocks Mined).** **Accounting** ​ https://preview.redd.it/emxy10iu6nx31.png?width=734&format=png&auto=webp&s=75191808dfbcb366b3ead05a9c19cde4bc94634f **DAPPs** Guess-the-rate Contest #7 has been won by address 3PErzsezWZVkMRT22Kb8CWgtDAV52EBw4HQ, congrats for the 127.3 WLT! (around 34.3 WAVES)! Contests are for the time being suspended due to some changes that must be done in the DAPP logic. Contest will reopen next week with a starting jackpot of 200 WLT. Payment #76 will be sent on 16th November.
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Waves to Create a Hybrid Exchange

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Waves to Create a Hybrid Exchange

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