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Waves Digital Asset Update Report: Feb 2019 DARE by Crypto Briefing shows increased score and bullish signs

Part One: The Business Case Waves Market Opportunities

With the ICO star waning, the STO mechanisms have come to the forefront. In the Initiation Report we mentioned the STO opportunity, but since then Waves has made significant progress in that direction.

This will pit Waves against the likes of Polymath but given that the segment is still very young and undefined, Waves is still in a great position to capitalize on the trend.

However, in the near term, this will be a much smaller market, than its ICO predecessor. Furthermore, unlike ICOs where the name of the game was retail, STOs are about accredited investors. Waves will need to develop partnerships and brand awareness in order to attract good projects.

During the ICO days, the network got away with quantity, but STOs will be much more about quality. It remains to be seen if the marketing and business development personnel will be up to the challenge.

The DEX opportunities will face additional pressure from competition. With more and more blockchain projects like Tron, seeing DEXs launch, to much fanfare, Waves will have a harder time attracting traders and maintaining liquid markets. Furthermore, with Binance expected to launch its own DEX, the competitive landscape will become even more challenging.

Waves was one of the earliest proponents of the DEX paradigm, but it has been unable to become the dominant exchange even on a regional level and will be fighting an uphill battle for market share going forward.

However, Waves is opening up an exciting market when it comes to games. The gaming industry is a substantial opportunity both in terms of size and adoption barrier.



The gaming industry and the nearby gambling sector have real need-based used cases for the implementation of DLT, smart contracts and NFTs. Since the Initiation Report, Waves has gone beyond declaring intentions towards development and aiding teams in the ecosystem. Th...

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A Quick Review Of Waves Project

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