WAVES and Pluto

1M Ago
⚑️ WAVES is ready to take off and land on Pluto! ✨ Community said "YES" and issuing the $PLUTO token is now available with $WAVES encouraged by the 678% onboarding APY! πŸš€ Follow easy steps to be a part of this space mission aimed to support Waves ecosystem development and create even more utility for $WAVES 🌊 πŸ‘‡ πŸ”Ή Connect your wallet at [pluto.gold](https://pluto.gold) πŸ”Ή Proceed to "Issue PLUTO" section πŸ”Ή Select $WAVES as an LP token for issuing PLUTO πŸ”Ή Specify the amount, press "Issue" and sign the transaction πŸ”Ή Be aware of a lock-up period for issued tokens of 11 days Or just follow the steps [in the video](https://twitter.com/wavesprotocol/status/1567527806266998789) 😜 We are flyyying! https://preview.redd.it/j6ff93l3wgm91.jpg?width=910&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4d0693f036e4aa2d54b167fd84b5b0714b3fdbb6