Video Guide Contest - Prizes Increased and Time Extended!

wavescommunity.com5y ago

This is a shout out to the whole Waves Community, we know you’re there! The creators, the givers, the good folk. The everyday Waves Lovers that make the cryptoworld tick over as it should. We’re running a video contest and giving away some Waves!

YOUR MISSION Through creative filmmaking, create a short video guide that tells us how to use any of Waves Lite Client or Chrome app features (max. 3 minutes long). Capture the process and what makes Waves awesome and simple. This is a chance to really showcase your creative chops and push some boundaries. In addition to the length of the video, we’re paying attention to its information value and quality. You’ll also need to supply a 20-30 second cut of your short film for use across social media or for other marketing purposes if you win. 

Upload your video to YouTube or any other video hosting and send a link to [email protected].  In case you decide to share it on social networks make sure you use #RideOnWaves and #WavesVideoContest hashtags.  Include a short description of your video and your waves wallet so we can send your prize in case your guide wins.

PRIZES [increased on Sept.25,2017] First place – 150 Waves Second place – 130 Waves Third place – 70 Waves Fourth place – 50 Waves Fifth place – 20 Waves

The contest starts right now and ends on Monday, September 25th (two weeks!). The winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 27th. Good luck!

UPDATE: We’re extending the contest and your videos are accepted up to October 1st, 2017. The winners are announced on Tuesday, October 3rd. The prizes have been increased, too. Time to get creative!