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The RIDE Roadmap For 2019 Has Been Just Revealed!

Waves dApps Roadmap for 2019

RIDE is Waves’ native smart contracts programming language. After a successful launch of basic functionality, we are now going to focusing on overhauling RIDE to extend it — making it more powerful, easier to use and enabling develops to access new blockchain functionality.

RIDE Principles

RIDE is a blockchain scripting language, which enables ‘smart’ blockchain transactions. The execution result is predicated on certain logic, realised using RIDE scripts and deployed on the blockchain. The goal of RIDE’s architecture is to create a native on-chain computation layer which is as close to the general blockchain architecture (full data synchronisation) as possible.

We strongly believe that Turing-completeness should not be essential for on-chain blockchain computations. The RIDE language itself is explicitly non-Turing complete. However, in the context of its execution environment (i.e the blockchain) it does allow for essentially Turing-complete computations that are ‘spread over’ more than one transaction in consecutive blocks.

RIDE language supports the concept of fixed fees: that is, the same computational costs for the execution of any script. This results in the explicit limitation of scripts’ complexity and the lack of any gas-like requirements, as are found in Ethereum.

Current Waves and RIDE architecture

Prior to the introduction of RIDE, Waves’ core entities were Accounts, Tokens and Data.

Accounts could hold Tokens Accounts could have Data associated with them

The initial introduction of RIDE extended the idea of signing transactions: the default account predicate required a valid signature for any outgoing transaction for the given account’s public key. Smart Accounts allowed that to be changed to a custom condition: signatures, hashes, timelocks, arbitrary account data, and so on. To describe the Smart Account predicate, a RIDE function annotated with @Verifier and returning a Bo...

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