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Swap your $EGG

Starting 12:00 PM (CET) today, you'll be able to swap your $EGG tokens and have 8 digits displayed [here](https://wavesducks.com/swap!). ❗️Please, keep in mind that all $EGG-related operations on [https://waves.exchange/](https://waves.exchange/), Swop.fi and [https://wavesducks.com/](https://wavesducks.com/) will be unavailable until some maintenance works (required for this swap) are completed. The breeding function and marketplace will be operating as usual. You'll be able to access your farm anytime and see that everything is going smoothly during the swap! We'll drop you another announcement once the newborn EGG becomes available for all operations in the Waves Ecosystem! Feel free to contact us in case of any questions in this [group](https://t.me/duckshunters). Find out more about the [swap](https://medium.com/wavesprotocol/egg-will-be-born-again-on-september-15-96b47f07c0ef). ​ https://preview.redd.it/uz6fplci6nn71.png?width=910&format=png&auto=webp&s=df8914532ffb483718ddf4b6213c074cb5b3ed07
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