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Q&A Session with Waves Platform CMO Alexandra Pestretsova

On September 18th, 2017, we’ve held a Q&A session with  Waves Platform CMO Alexandra Pestretsova. The session took place in our Telegram channel.

Prior to the Q&A we gathered questions for Alex via e-mail, so all community members would have a chance to ask their questions, even if they won’t be taking part in the session. We received over 200 letter within a day! The session itself took longer than planned and we had really good time chatting 🙂

Below is the full version of the Q&A session.* Feel free to comment and share!

In the very first minutes of the session, Alex shared an updated Waves Platform Roadmap with the community. Click here to see it.

Alexandra: So, our next Big Things are Waves NG protocol and Waves Client 1.0 We`ve been silent about both NG and Client Updates for last weeks, but from now we`re gonna start revealing lots of teasers and updates on it every week 🙂 And first teasers are coming this week! Now, let me answer some questions that you`ve already send us for this QA. And after that, you`ll be able to ask all the rest that you have (just a quick reminder that now is mostly a Marketing QA, I`ll definitely elaborate some global questions but will not go deep into details) Okay, let`s go with the questions that you`ve sent earlier:

Q: What is the team doing to improve liquidity on DEX and make traders aware of its existence? Is DEX too early to be marketed? A: Our product team is currently transforming DEX into something really amazing. Seriously, my first feedback on new DEX interface was just ‘WOW’. I`m not able to reveal all the new DEX functional/visuals to you today, but very soon we`ll start presenting it to you piece by piece: small teasers, interviews, FAQs, videos and more. Just sign up on our social networks and keep updated. 🙂 The Big Marketing Campaign will start right in time with DEX update in October, together with the whol...

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