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Guess the closest time for the 1 Millionth block and win WAVES! - First Prize 150 WAVES

During May 13th-15th, the blockchain on the Waves MainNet is expected to reach the height of ONE MILLION BLOCKS! Obviously, nobody knows when this will happen exactly, but we can try to guess. Well, actually we want YOU to guess it! And to make it a little bit more interesting, we are ready to reward those who’ll make the most accurate predictions:

— The author of the most accurate prediction of time will earn 150 WAVES — 2nd place gets 100 WAVES — 3rd place will win 50 WAVES

So, here’s what you must do to participate:

— Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/WavesPlatform — Retweet the tweet with the announcement of the contest (https://twitter.com/wavesplatform/status/995038830339284993) adding the comment with your prediction of time (e.g., 4:21 PM or 16:21) when the millionth block will be signed (or you can just make your own tweet with your prediction, mentioning @wavesplatform and #wavesmillionblocks) — Wait till Sunday and watch the Waves blockchain height on wavesexplorer.com — Stay tuned! We’ll tell about the winners in the beginning of the next week

NOTE, that we will take your prediction in UTC by default, unless you specify the time zone. The actual time of the millionth block signature will be converted into UTC. So all you need to do is just tell us the time. The rest is on us 🙂

Be quick! Do it before the height will reach 999300 blocks! Otherwise, your prediction won’t participate in the contest.

Read the full Terms & Conditions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1umJJwIF-jf2VSnPi7gtHy3BRx73UeOv7cqGg4d6rBLs

Good luck!

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