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Are Blockchain and AI Ready to Work Together?

Alongside IoT, e-commerce and quantum computing, blockchain and AI are at the top of the list of most talked about topics in tech today. Two things are obvious:

— All five are already changing the world, bringing all kinds of futuristic ideas to reality — A bright future means multi-level diffusion of these phenomena

We are witnessing the coming of a new technological era. (Don’t confuse this with the ‘Singularity’ — something that might not be as cool as many believe and predict.) But much of this new era depends on details that are often ignored, not only by futurists but scientists and entrepreneurs too.

The exact type of future into which we’re heading is bound up with the evolution of all of the trends involved. Of the five (IoT, e-commerce, quantum computing, AI and blockchain) the situation with AI is the least clear, even compared to blockchain. AI and blockchain both became big news some years ago. Both are shaping the future, whilst influencing one another, but we still have to consider a major difference between them: how long each technology has existed.

Blockchain has already gone through several preparatory stages, each resulting in major leaps forward and giving the technology a launch pad for success. It took time for the necessary conditions for blockchain’s development to emerge. The ongoing blockchain debate is focused mainly on the following issues:

Ease of use Security Throughput capacity

So, unlike AI, blockchain is more banal and practical. It is already a ready-made, well-functioning instrument.

With AI, the situation is different. Yes, AI is much older — first experiments with “smart machines” started back in the 1950s. Since then AI has seen both progress and crisis. Today, it is far from where many expected it to be. The thing is that AI is a much more uncertain issue, compared to other technologies, since it brings about a whole spectrum of other questions concerning not only tec...

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