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[ANN] Waves <-> Litecoin Gateway

The Waves platform already provides gateways to other currencies, both crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and FIAT (currently Euro and Dollar).  To build a strong ecosystem, we at WavesGo believe that the platform will benefit greatly from a larger number of gateways, opening the Waves universe to a broader community and let them experience the benefits of the Waves Platform.

Therefore, in recent weeks, we were heavily developing a gateway framework that allows to easily create new cryptocurrency gateways. Our first implementation will be an LTC gateway, connecting the Litecoin test network to the Waves testnet. We are proud to present the current status in the following video:

Expect more to come, including a test ready environment in order to let fellow community members actively participate in the testing of our new technology.

On the organizational level, we are currently working with several projects, which are not part of the Waves ecosystem yet, but expressed their interest to introduce a gateway connecting their respective blockchain/cryptocurrency to the Waves blockchain. These gateways will be based on our proposed technology.

Stay tuned, this is only the beginning!