17 Feb AMA summary

17 Feb AMA summary


*New bridges ETA - next week

*Something like a relaunch of WX after new bridges

*XTN new mechanic almost done - ETA next week and then the first donation

*Margin trading on WX


*PowerDAO platform will have a charity option that will help Turkey (ChildDAO) - start working on it next week and around march launching it

*Launching PowerDAO (MotherDAO) platform next week and maybe staking Power to

*Power airdrop to waves holder around 2 weeks


WavesDAO around march

*Network will be much-VERY faster (like Waves 1.5 and after this will come EVM)


*New proposals that will reduce the restrictions now

* You will be able to import LP tokens

*Maybe there will be no min LP import limit or something like legacy market limits etc... But whales will be not available to use it!


*2 directions of development:

- Leverages pools (you will be able to borrow etc...)

- More advanced AMM, something like a neural network with AMM and not only waves chain (Sasha's idea)

Help Turkey!

Till next AMA
u/WavesFunnyNode 🐥