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Interview with CEO of BlockMedx (WanLabs Accelerator Startup)

Interview with Michael Brunner, Founder and CEO, BlockMedx

BlockMedx, a blockchain company in Pharma tech that is joining WanLabs. They are a healthcare infrastructure project focusing on prescription drug fraud, abuse, and non-adherence. BlockMedx is building a next-generation smart e-prescribing and analytics ecosystem that can be used anywhere in the world to send and receive electronic prescriptions, predict patient risk behaviors, and automate micropayment incentives using the token economy to incentivize healthy behavior.

Hi Michael. Thanks for joining me today. Can you tell us more about yourself and BlockMedx?

Thanks for having me. My background is pretty unique to the space. I played defensive end for the University of Wisconsin and moved on to get my Doctor of Pharmacy afterwards. I’m currently licensed to practice in 2 states. I founded BlockMedx last year after seeing many of the major security and identity flaws in the prescription system during my own practice. I’d been following the blockchain/bitcoin space for some time and noticed the perfect fit for blockchain technology to solve a lot of these issues.

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