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Waltonchain Invited to 2018 Global Digital Summit

ps and refuses all the malicious hype. Down-to-earth and practical work is the motto of our team, we believe that pure gold will always shine.”

At the same time, he also pointed out: “The purpose of Waltonchain is to build an underlying commercial public ecochain. On this public chain, businesses can build a variety of child chains according to their own needs. The entire process of production, logistics, warehousing and retail sale during commodity circulation will be monitored. Customers will be able to trace the real source of goods and all circulation processes on the Waltonchain blockchain. Therefore, individuals and merchants can easily perform such operations with goods as grants, sales, leases and mortgages. The main feature of this commercial ecochain is that all data (including property ownership data, commodity circulation data, etc.) is authentic, temper-resistant, time-stamped and decentralized. In this way, a faithful and genuine commercial ecochain can be established to reduce the information cost of the entire commercial circulation.”

In a complex global system, establishing a global credit consensus system is extremely difficult because of inability to communicate data and establish authenticity seamlessly between the links. The blockchain technology is aiming to solve this global problem, to break the credit shackles of the centralized system and realize the credit interconnection between global nodes. Waltonchain, standing in the wave of the accelerated development of the global blockchain technology, will continue to work consistently to take root in our independent R&D and technological innovations of chips, extending the application of the Value Internet of Things to all areas of economy.

Waltonchain COO Monitor Chan invites the world to follow Waltonchain’s latest developments, and observe the new commercial civilization introduced by the decentralized distributed chip storage. We will continue to devote our time and effort to this groundbreaking cause.

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