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Waltonchain Visited Shenzhen Retail Business Association & Started Cooperation Negotiations

On May 15, 2018, Waltonchain Chief Strategy Officer, Welson Wong, and Director of Operations, Kevin Wong, were invited to visit the Shenzhen Retail Business Association (SZRBA) Headquarters.

The Shenzhen Retail Business Association was established in July 1997 and represents the leading force of Shenzhen’s commercial and service industries, covering shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, brand chains, franchises, convenience stores and car maintenance chains. Currently, the association has over 400 members with more than 60,000 stores, over 750,000 employees and in 2015 the total sales of member companies exceeded 500 billion Yuan ($78.5bn, £58bn, €66bn).

SRBA President Hua Tao and Executive Vice Presidents Cai Peiying and Xie Yongming warmly welcomed the Waltonchain team and shared their delight in reaching a cooperation intention.

“As a leader in the blockchain + IoT industry, Waltonchain has strong competitive advantages such as the independent blockchain technology and RFID chip R&D. We hope to have the opportunity to develop in-depth cooperation with you on these aspects and obtain tailored industry solutions for the member companies of our association.” — SZRBA President Hua Tao Left to right: Director of Media Deng Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Juanjuan, Executive Vice President Xie Yongming of Shenzhen Retail Association. Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong, Director of Operations Kevin Wong.

After the meeting, President Hua Tao insisted that Waltonchain attend the 2018 China Smart Retail Expo and the 2018 Shenzhen Retail Informatization & Unmanned Retail Exhibition, organised by the China IoT Industry Application Alliance (CIoTIAA) as well as other nationally recognised associations.

China Smart Retail Expo The Expo was founded in 2009 and was the world’s first exhibition dedicated to the Internet o...
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