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Those with WTC on their Ledger Nano S

I went through the entire process of selling off some LTC, buying BTC, and then using that BTC to buy some WTC yesterday. I then tried for the first time to move that WTC to my Ledger Nano S. I've gathered from my Googling that the Ledger App will NOT show any token balances, and that I have to use myetherwallet.com. I just want to make sure my tokens are on my Nano S. I went to myetherwallet.com and had it connect to my Ledger. The account address that shows online is my Ledger, and the Token balance shows my WTC. That's how this works, correct? Sorry, this is my first experience with tokens and want to make sure my coins are on my stick. Call me paranoid but when I use the "display address on Ledger" it streams the exact same Account address I see on myethwerwallet but it's missing the very last digit. Is this just a limitation of the Ledger Nano or something? In any case, I'm excited to have some WTC finally.
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