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Hi All, I am repeating myself but I think we are still behind in social media activity. I see so many general Facebook crypto altcoin groups promoting lot of coins, but I don t see there Walton posted often. Please people you all have to realize that whole crypto is about people.People give power to the coin. If everyone of us will tell about WTC to 100 people and they will tell it to hundred people also just imagine that growth we can achieve. We have to step up and inform people about this great coin and life time opportunnity. Or we can just sit and do nothing and watch other coins and communities grow faster then us. We need 50k people on this reddit. That would be 10x more than now and I think afterwards also our beloved coin can have a 10x higher value. Please lets do the job together and spread a word about WTC everywhere you can. Share information,posts,analysis,everywhere possible. This coin, this company and we deserve this. Lets work on this together and the reward will come :)
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