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Product ownership on Waltonchain

I read the white paper and whatever else I could find on the internet, but there are still a lot of missing pieces, and a lot of what I think I got from how the blockchain actually works is mostly just me filling in the blanks. One thing that wasn't answered yet is regarding ownership. The idea is that each step of the supply chain of a product is recorded on different child chains to increase throughput on the main chain and reduce access to some sensitive information. However, what actually happens when one product moves to the next step on the supply chain? I would imagine that the production child chain would register that they sold the products with to the distribution child chain, but can the distribution chain even access that information, or the ownership history before that? If so, how? Do master nodes compute "check_ownership_history" smart contracts depending on who's asking? And how is that information even requested from the child chains? There's a brief passage on the white paper about asset ownership being recorded on the main chain by phase 4.0 (assuming they figure out how to scale blockchains by then), but will it only be available by then?
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