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Highlights of Waltonchain's August 2018 Telegram AMA

Waltonchain hosted a Community Live AMA on their Telegram channel on August 6. This follows on their Business Issues AMA hosted earlier this month. The AMA was lead by COO Monitor Chan, VP Yang Feng, and Senior Software Architect Paul Luo. We summarize the top information provided during the AMA.

About Waltonchain

If blockchain doesn’t seem “real world” enough yet, Waltonchain is a company hard at work to change that. With its Value Internet of Things (VIoT) proposition, it integrates blockchain, big data, and low-cost RFID chip technology. By attaching a tag containing electronically stored information onto an object, an RFID chip uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track the tag.

We often read about how supply chain management will be transformed by blockchain. China-based Waltonchain is on a mission to put this transformation into practice.

A prototype of Waltonchain’s RFID tag. Image courtesy of Waltonchain. Highlights of the August 2018 Telegram AMA

Here we look at the highlights of the discussion offered by the executive team during the AMA in their Telegram channel. The Waltonchain team has released an expanded summary of the AMA which goes into more details on each question posed by the community. Read that here.


They stated that their current focus is on the development of their child-chain application and blockchain industry standardization, which Waltonchain is committed to furthering. Waltonchain’s ultimate goal is to enable a world where IoT and blockchain solutions work in harmony with traditional industries to alleviate pain points and streamline the entire economic model.

Says Waltonchain:

We believe that the strength of a tree lies in its roots and not in its branches. A tree must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce its beauty. Community

The team encourages the continuation of community-led local meetups and initiatives, as a strong community fosters stron...

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