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CityLinkโ€™s Smart Waste system gets praise from Zigong City officials ๐Ÿ˜Ž

a are gradually implementing the marketization of municipal sanitation. The space for the sanitation industry development is gradually being released and the environmental sanitation market structure is being formed.

Smart Waste Classification System

Citylink has developed the Smart Waste Classification System to solve the current pain points of the sanitation industry based on its in-depth understanding of urban sanitation and waste disposal combined with its technology strength. It uses the โ€œInternet of Things + Internet + Blockchainโ€ technology system to make information processing more efficient. The system also adopts the administrative + market-integrated planning and design concept, assisting government functional units to effectively implement smart waste classification and waste reduction management, building a practical and sustainable garbage classification operation system. The system features the below approaches: community popularization + precise supervision + self-help incentives + recycling reservation.

The Smart Waste Classification System integrates the blockchain technology to prevent data tampering and cyber-attacks. The system has significant advantages in aspects such as staff and participant identification, garbage bags and classification information tracking, event flow, assessment data, transparency and openness of government-provided information, accurate records of points and prizes, etc. Residents do not need to worry about inability to redeem prizes due to the loss of points. Staff members have a clear grasp of garbage bags, gift circulation, resident information, participation in classification, interaction, etc. Managers can fully understand the system operation status, can rest assured that no classification data is falsified or forged, no rewards are claimed with fake data, etc. The system forms the โ€œneighborhood-community-district-cityโ€ multi-level management and appraisal, which allows overall understanding of the actual application situation.

The Smart Waste Classification System developed by Citylink is a sub-system within the integrated Citylink Smart Environment Sanitation System. The solution has won numerous national and international IoT industry professional awards. It forms an interconnected IoT network via different sensing devices and smart terminals for environment sanitation management of elements at all levels.

The advanced technologies and equipment used in the system such as the Sanitation Smart Watch with Beidou Positioning Technology, Smart Overflow Detection Bin, our patented technologies โ€œSmart Trash Managerโ€ and โ€œUltra-Low-Power Multi-Channel Distance Detection Deviceโ€, create elements of environment sanitation management at all levels with the corresponding sensing devices, smart terminals, and system platforms. Therefore, a smart IoT network is formed, which integrates the interconnected information on people, activities and objects. Besides that, its data will be automatically written to the blockchain to make it tamper-resistant, traceable and trustworthy, therefore greatly improving the management and operating efficiency of the sanitation industry.

As a global leader in blockchain + IoT, Waltonchain has been working hard to create a new global blockchain + IoT business ecosystem and ultimately bring a brand new smart lifestyle to the humanity. Waltonchain technical supporter Citylinkโ€™s Smart Waste Classification System is a small step toward real-world implementation. We will continue our efforts to reach our ultimate goal of building the blockchain + IoT business ecosystem and becoming Chinaโ€™s Blockchain Unicorn.

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