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I'm JM Maradiaga, ex-CMO of Wagerr

Hi everybody. I'm JM Maradiaga, ex-CMO of Wagerr. I was part of the wagerr team before I left, along with Frank Gadea (our senior advisor). I'm no longer involved in the project and, frankly, don't care if I burn bridges with the team (specifically David, the CEO) There's a reason why me and Frank Gadea left. Lack of clear leadership, constant fighting between the team and David on working on projects that add no value to Wagerr, massive ego from David (related to last part), David creating impossible deadlines for the team, while giving vague answers when we wanted him to clarify his position then berating us team members for not exactly doing what he wanted us to do. He looks at himself as a Steve Jobs figure but is wholly incompetent in actually managing a team. He thinks that as long as he throws money at a problem, it will be fixed. Our burn rate is ridiculous. At our current burn rate, we will go bankrupt in 7 months based on estimated revenue that I've done with David. David knows this, and sees no issue with this. In fact, he believes our burn rate should be higher towards marketing. A majority of the money we're spending is allocated towards marketing, not development. Approximately 90% of our monthly budget is for marketing. I now understand what people mean when they believe the cryptocurrency market is in a bubble, and I've become disillusioned with a market where a team can raise several millions of dollars based only on a few pages for a whitepaper, with no legal obligation to token holders. Right now, the entire market is all based on hyping the ICO, raising as much money as possible, and then continuing to market the product. Nearly zero of David's vision is based on the fundamentals of Wagerr, but is instead based on making him (and only him) as much money as possible. He does not care about the token holders of Wagerr at all. Once you guys realize that Wagerr is simply a method for David to make as much money as possible for himself, you will...
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