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vDice Mention in this Useful Guide to Smart Contracts

An entrepreneur, programmer and user walk into a smart contract — The ultimate Ethereum blockchain startup guide Lifehack — you don’t need to understand blockchain to build a smart contract startup

I made my smart contract project and still feel as a total noob reading discussions on blockchain. There is so much to learn for me. But, hey, my project works! Why bother? Though blockchain is cool and it’s cool to understand the technology, there is no need to understand everything.

Take a look at smart contracts from an entrepreneurs point of view — focus on how you can benefit from it:

What kinds of projects you can actually do?What business models are there?What an MVP would look like?What it takes to engage a user, find a programmer and build infrastructure?

This guide with examples and exercises will show you the practical side of smart contracts and help you estimate your idea or generate a new one. Use it as a starting point for your further investigation.

What you do need to know about blockchain and what you may just skip

Mining. The first thing to skip. From an entrepreneur’s point of view mining is more like playing the stock market — buy equipment, analyze reward price charts and decide which crypto currency to invest your computing power to. But if you are dealing with smart contracts, you don’t have to care about mining for the same reason you don’t care about Internet providers when visiting a web-site.

Blocks, hashes, cryptography and all that math — we gonna ignore it too. The important practical outcome can be reduced to this mantra: “Everything that gets into blockchain remains there forever, anything can be verified, but nothing can be changed”. In practice it means that data is stored permanently, transparently and securely.

Now let’s turn to the terms you cannot do without and explain them as if it’s year 2005 now.

Blockchain is like a BitTorrent network. A program on your computer downloa...

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