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Just to confirm: vDice was NOT affected by the recent Multisig hack in Ethereum. Here is our official statement.

As you all probably know, this past week there was a big hack in the Ethereum ecosystem. It was the biggest incident since the DAO hack. I re-confirm that vDice was NOT affected. We did not run the parity multi-sig code. Actually, we are one of the few in the ecosystem to be running different code. We used the same multisig codebase that protects the funds of the Ethereum Foundation. Here is the full blog statement from us about the incident ; https://blog.vdice.io/this-months-multisig-incident/ It is suggested that you read it. This event was a big wake up call for everyone in Ethereum in blockchain. The value of ETH, BTC, VSL and tokens has gone up dramatically. Security concerns need to also follow. We have made some adjustments. For example, now all codebases for games will go through TWO independent 3rd party audits before being released. Previously we were just doing 3rd party audits with newalchemy.io Now before we release a game we will also be getting another auditing company involved. Once a codebase and game is live on vDice platform then it is tied to our brand. So any vulnerabilities could very negatively affect the vDice brand. This is to be avoided at all cost. Anyway, please read the above blog post for our full analysis and reaction to the recent multisig incident in the ecosystem.
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