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Top 5 Hyped Altcoins That Could Explode

Ark, TenX, Vertcoin, Waves, and Monero are my picks for top 5 most hyped altcoins / cryptocurrencies. I chose these altcoins mainly because I see them marketed (pumped or shilled to some people) everywhere you go, whether it be YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk & so on, so forth. Since these altcoins already have a ton of support from their respective communities, they all have the potential to takeoff. Or they could end up being total duds ... Do you agree? What are your top five picks?

Ark has, at least in my opinion, extended a bit beyond where I'm willing to invest. Unfortunately, I was skeptical too early with Ark and missed out on an excellent investment. While I think the idea of SmartBridges is brilliant, I see the team possibly stretching themselves too thin. Given the recent surge in popularity, I imagine funding will become much less of an issue.

TenX is the prepaid debit card of choice for cryptocurrencies. It acts as the bridge while we are in the transition period as more and more vendors accept Bitcoin. I see tons of discussion about this, especially vs. Monaco, where most people seem to agree TenX is the market leader (and their market cap shows this too). Another one to keep an eye on, especially given the price action has done nothing but go down.

Vertcoin is Bitcoin's bronze, advertised as having all the features of Litecoin & more by being the first to introduce stealth addresses and more importantly, focusing on having an ASIC resistant mining process. Most important element about Vertcoin is that it will be compatible with Litecoin & Bitcoin for atomic swaps on Lightning Network once it is fully implemented, which is considered the main catalysts. For such a small coin, it is advertised everywhere - I can't stop seeing people talk about it.

Waves is a decentralized exchange and token launching platform that seems to h...

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