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The growing buzz around Vertcoin

The growing buzz around Vertcoin

You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking Vertcoin is a brand new Cryptocurrency.

If you only heard about Vertcoin recently, you may be surprised to find out that the currency was actually created way back in early 2014.

After initial highs of over $5, the coin tapered off and stagnated under a few cents per coin for over 2 years.

Then in 2017 Vertcoin finally started fulfilling its potential and roared into life, rising to values of over $1 per Vertcoin.

This was not a surprise to those who have followed Vertcoin and are aware of its impressive feature set.

Vertcoin is often compared to, and considered a potential successor to Litecoin.

This stems from the fact that the two coins share similar technology. Both Vertcoin and Litecoin adopted Segwit before Bitcoin did, both have 2.5 minute block times and both may ultimately have similar supplies.

These similarities are due to the fact that Vertcoin is a fork from Litecoin based on Vertcoin’s ability to foresee issues arising from ASIC mining.

Vertcoin also is the first coin to offer stealth addresses, offering users more privacy than Litecoin can.

So why the massive difference between the market caps of Vertcoin and Litecoin? Noone can tell you for sure- but what you can do when assessing the coins is to check if there is anything technical preventing Vertcoin from rising up the ranks of the coins by market cap.

Are there any fundamental issues with Vertcoin that are the reason the market cap is currently under 35m?

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no: Vertcoin is fundamentally an excellent coin- some could argue superior to the overwhelming majority of the coins you might see when checking Coin Market Cap.

Does that give credibility to people who argue that Vertcoin simply needs better marketing- maybe a branding overhaul? Perhaps the only reason, they argue, that Vertcoin hasn’t yet reached its...

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