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New Vertcoin website - Update #1 - Domain and basic questions

Hi all. Thank you for great respons on my [opening post]( regarding a new Vertcoin website. 98% upvote, a mod approved it and mostly positive feedback from the community. I have now started on the new website. I have choosen []( as domain. The ball has started moving :).IO domains are kinda expensive but very recognizable, and embraced by the tech and startup communities. I think that'll suit Vertcoin pretty damn fine. PS! I chose a new domain for the new website so we have all doors open; a full replacement of the current website (then we point .io to .org), or as a 2nd website... **The Community decides!** (I can't say that enough). First draft I guess will be available at the end of this week or early next week at the latest. I am from Scandinavia so english is my 2nd language (as you probably have noticed), so I'll need help with the content and wording after the first draft. I'll create new posts here on Reddit as we go, so all can participate. # Questions * Has vertcoin a graphic profile and/or graphic material. Please send me a link to download it. * Can someone please send me the logo in vectorized format? Light and dark. * TRUST is everything when it comes to good websites, and showing people's faces is something that builds great trust. Is the dev team (or other important persons) willing to have their names + faces on the website? We don't need all... just a few. # Donations The domain costs 599 krones which is 71,66 USD, already paid for, so I would really appreciate a few VTC donations to at least cover that: vtc1qy27lvgt3pr80f8tja4ge6n8gfzr3rymk2czext Thank you. You hear from me in a few days! :) ​
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