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Built a new rig mining VTC and XCH at the same time

So I'm a pretty avid GPU miner and wanted to give Chia a shot since it sounded interesting to mine in a different way using hard drives. Thing is, I guess so many people got into it, the rewards are few and far between. I read it's almost like hitting the lotto trying to get a reward these days. I had some old 4GB cards lying around so I used those on my Chia build and now at least if I don't get any Chia, my time/energy is not all lost. Love the one-click miner! It's so easy to use. By far the easiest miner I've ever worked with. ​ If y'all wouldn't mind liking [my post on Twitter]( to help me spread the word, I'd appreciate it. edit: Also [made this post]( on r/chia recommending other users mine Vertcoin as well :)
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