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Vericoin Wallet Update 1.7.1

This update replaces all scrypt hashing code with a multi-architecture assembly implentation, which speeds syncing and work checking. PoST has been rewritten to a concise, efficient form, minimizing calculation and function execution. Additionally all double precision values pertinent to the protocol have been replaced with a boost multi-precision float to prevent architecture specific rounding errors that on previous occasions caused forking. WebKit and it’s elements were removed as it’s now depracated in Qt. VeriBit and VeriSend functionality have been removed until next version are complete. Additionally staking parameters have been highly optimized to diversify consensus distribution despite wallet size, by consuming larger age coin inputs in larger staked units. Due to a combination of these factors cpu usage has been reduced on average about 5 times. Finally staking button was added to user interface to make learning staking as straight forward as possible.

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