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Marketing Update on Verge #3

1- Cryptocurrency Fee Structure

Let us start this section reminding ourselves of the fee structure mentioned in the last marketing article:

Today, we will look at the fee structure of online and offline businesses. Currently, when we buy products online, or in a store, we can pay with cash, bank card or credit cards (electronic cash, Visa, Mastercard, etc). Depending on the location of the payment processors such as Alipay, WeChat pay, Apple pay or Paypal could be used as preferred methods of payments.

From the customer perspective, there are no additional fees and most times, only the price value needs to be paid. . On the other hand, due to the nature of the fiat system, all of these transactions suffer from the inefficient exchange of fiat in the background, causing in the best of scenarios, a 1–2% fee, See below further fee structure examples applied today:

Due to the inherent improvement in organisational structure of cryptographic transactions, cryptocurrency fees are much lower. In the above table you can see an example of how much cheaper. The Verge community works on the assumption that fees will be even lower with the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency payment ecosystem.

Part of the different in fees from coinpayments and Netcents, is that Netcents offers direct settlement in fiat for some currencies, thus making crypto even more attractive to fiat users.

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