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Calling all developers

First thing is first, sunerok, you are doing an amazing job. We understand you are DONATING your time to this project and did not premine the shit out of this coin. You are first and foremost a volunteer and we are incredibly greatful to have you, undoubtedly minus your direction we would be lost. The purpose of this post is to recruit able and willing devs to join the project. Everything is hosted on github so committing should be as easy as creating a branch and making a pull request. If any current devs would like to give prospective devs an area to focus on please mention it here. Developers are the life blood of this project and the more eyes we have on the code the better. Perhaps a "How to start contributing" guide would be something the marketing team would consider. This community is getting stronger everyday (I love watching the number of subscribers to this subreddit grow). Thank you to everyone involved with Verge and here's to the next couple of years. :-)
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