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TFD: "Let's finish the fight amongst crypto projects"

Let’s finish the fight amongst crypto projects!

Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military strategist wrote in The Art of War:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

In a business sense, besides knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you have to know who is your real competitor, who can really endanger your path to success.

This is what it seems to be missing from most people in crypto.

It’s quite well known that supporters of supply chain management related blockchain projects are always debating on Reddit, Telegram, or any other forum. Every technical, token economics, or business related comparison ends up in fights.

Many token holders see other crypto projects in the same industry as a threat, which needs to be attacked at any cost. Vechain vs Waltonchain, or Ambrosus vs Modum fights have a long history.

People who participate in it are living in the crypto bubble, and project it to the traditional business world.

In reality, all these projects are tiny startups, and mean no real threat. Vechain, Waltonchain, Ambrosus, OriginTrail, Wabi, Devery, and TE-FOOD combined don’t represent more than 0,1% market share in the food supply industry, let alone the whole supply chain industry.

They might have some decent partnerships, but a partnership is not market share.

They might be well known brands within the crypto space, but outside of it they are unknown crypto startups. This is not necessarily a problem, but from 10 potential supply chain customers, 9 never heard about these companies, so they don’t seem to be too dangerous to each other’s success.

Where is the competition?

The real competitors of them are the established non-crypto solution providers. These companies are outside the crypto bubble, not affected by token economics. And they also started offering blockchain solutions.


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