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VIMworld Limited Edition VIM Mission Event: Erlang Shen, War God

Limited Edition Devotion Oathsworns VIM Mission Event! Introducing Erlang Shen, the War God and his faithful Howling Celestial Hound!

The long awaited Devotion Oathsworn VIM series is finally here. Following the previous members (Hachi and Borf) introduced in this clan, we are excited to unveil the third limited VIM in this series!

Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage and his faithful Howling Celestial Hound from the Journey to the West Collection is joining the Devotion Oathsworns clan.

A limited edition VIM, Erlang Shen can be called forth from the Patron Goddess of the Devotion Oathsworns Clan, Alanna for free by fulfilling any of the following, non-mutually exclusive mission requirements in the next 10 days:

The Calling: Summoning Erlang Shen with Borf, Hachi and enough VIMenergy

Blessing #1: Obtaining Erlang Shen with additional (a special amount) Treasures by Owning S2+ Vanguard VIMs

Blessing #2: Special lottery winnings for Dedicated Daily VIM Feeding Users

Erlang Shen Joins The Devotion Oathsworns Clan and Journey to the West Collection

Erlang Shen (二郎神 — “Second Son God”) is a popular figure in Chinese and Asian mythology. Wielder of the Truth Seeking Eye and his Divine Weapon Three-Pointed Double-Edged Trident Spear, he is depicted as a powerful warrior deity serving the Jade Emperor’s Palace that embodies traits of loyalty, devotion and filial piety. He is also the nephew of the Jade Emperor.

In every form of literature and lore, Erlang Shen is accompanied by his faithful Xiaotian quan (嘯天犬 — “Howling Celestial Hound”), which helps him subdue evil spirits and battle during combat against demons and other adversaries.

Erlang Shen and the Howling Celestial Hound is famously known in the Journey to the West story for playing a crucial role in stopping the Monkey King’s havoc in Heaven. His combination of arsenal of weapons and transformation abilities makes him a true rival to the Monkey King. La...

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