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Verida Health Solution Preview: Issuing Verifiable Credentials for COVID19 test results using VeChain

Solution Preview: Issuing Verifiable Credentials for COVID19 test results

Verida Health has been collaborating with Kentridge Health, a leading Singapore healthcare company, demonstrating an end-to-end decentralised solution that provides COVID19 test results to the public.

These test results are issued as Verifiable Credentials that can be verified by third parties such as employers, government departments and other private sector businesses as required.

This is one of several projects Verida Health is currently undertaking that leverage the Verida Framework to build decentralised health care solutions using emerging web standards. These include W3C standards such as Decentralized Identity (DID), Verifiable Credentials (VC) leveraging public blockchains such as Ethereum and VeChain.

While this solution is focused on sending pathology results to citizens that can be instantly verified, the same solution can be expanded for other use cases to quickly issue verifiable credentials to the public. For example, this solution could be used to issue digital travel permits to essential workers instead of the paper permits being deployed in Victoria.

How does it work?

There are three parts to the solution:

Send a test result — Used by pathology lab employees to send a pathology result to a patient Receive a test result — Enables a patient to access their pathology result and download a QR code representing a verifiable credential containing their data Verify a test result — Enables a third party (ie: employer, government etc.) to scan a patient’s QR code to view the test result data and cryptographically verify the verifiable credential

A pathology lab creates an account on one of the supported blockchains (currently Ethereum and VeChain) through our Credential Manager web application. This account becomes a W3C compatible decentralized identity (DID) that can be used to digitally sign pathology results.

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