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VechainThor Wallet Mnemonic phrase and Password not Working

Has anyone experienced their password and passphrase not working? So some months ago, I moved a 100 dollars worth of Vechain to VechainThor wallet just for testing. I was able to jot down the mnemonic phrase on my notepad and I also know about my password. I was also able to send 10 dollars worth of Vechain back to Binance so I know everything is working. However, when I bought a new phone and installed VechainThor wallet on it, the mnemonic phrase is no longer working. What's more, my password also no longer works. This is really strange because I've clearly jotted down all 12 mnemomic words in the correct order. I can't also believe that the password that I'm very sure of is the right one is no longer working. I assume the wallet's support will never help me on this but I just want to know if anyone experienced a similar scenario. Thanks. Edit: Haha, this is the first time I got actual help from Reddit. The mystery of the non-working mnemonic phrase is now solved! So apparently, I wrote down 'beacon' on my notes instead of 'bacon'. Either I'm an illiterate moron for mispelling 'bacon' or I'm a fucking genius for deliberately mispelling it so as to fool anyone from the correct phrase. I'd like to think I'm the latter but all evidence seems to point on the former. In any case, a huge thanks to CaptainBotanical for saving me 900 VETs and also posting the link to the complete list of menominc words. For anyone experiencing the same issue, you might want to check this link as well:
Go to self.Vechain
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