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VeChain & IBM collaboration Rumor Thread (WITH UPDATES)

VeChain & IBM collaboration rumor

WazapepeFollow Jun 29, 2019 · 3 min read REMEMBER THESE ARE ALL SPECULATIONS AND RUMORS.

Rumors are quickly spreading that VeChain will soon announce a collaboration. Also we have Sunny Lu (CEO of VeChain) suggesting such a thing (see image.)

Walmart China was previously using an IBM solution on food safety solutions, and now there is a system in place which uses the VeChain blockchain. (see image.)

This might suggest that Walmart either switched, or willingly migrated their project to a public chain perhaps with support from IBM (e.g. VeChain)

It would only make sense for PWC/IBM to push VeChain Thor as the public chain solution where public chain is essential. (or a hybrid model as suggested earlier.)

Also an anonymous user on said to be an ex VeChain employee who has now held two AMA (ask me anything) sessions. In his first session he got some things right which might suggest he knows things, also added to this rumor in his second session (see image.) This should be taken with a big grain of salt for sure.

To round it all up. If said speculations are true.. This would be a massive accomplishment for blockchain public chain projects specificly. The scope of this ‘’project’’ would have almost no boundries for VeChain. This would nicely add up with this statement made by Jason Rockwood (country manager for VeChain in the USA.) !UPDATE! most recent AMA from VeChainInsider with Kevin Feng (COO): !UPDATE! Sunny talking about a conference call with IBM:


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