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VeChain Foundation on Twitter | Calling all blockchain, NFT, DeFi enthusiasts & devs! VeChain’s public blockchain, proven by enterprises like Walmart is open for you to build your dApp and project! Join us on our journey today using our $1M USD grant program!

SINGAPORE, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As the world's preeminent enterprise public blockchain, VeChain's mission has always been to drive innovation, disruption and digitization through the application of blockchain technology at mass scale. Through its many years of business development, VeChain has managed to identify the critical needs of businesses and organizations and has run accelerator and grant programs to bolster our blockchain and dApp ecosystem.

Standing at the forefront of blockchain mass adoption, the VeChain research team raised the idea of the next game-changer for the industry: the Enterprise NFT (eNFT - enterprise nonfungible token) ecosystem. As a key player in the real business world, enterprises will be the main driving force behind the mass adoption of NFT technologies and as such, the best way to facilitate this adoption is to develop and support a vibrant eNFT Ecosystem using the VeChainThor platform.

To achieve this goal, VeChain has committed $1 Million USD to fund a brand-new VeChain Grant Program. By applying for this grant, not only will you get a headstart in resources for starting a project or business, but your work on dApps, NFTs and DeFi on VeChainThor will also contribute to the development of the eNFT ecosystem.

Why Build on VeChainThor Public Blockchain

VeChainThor provides developers security, scalability and, more importantly, affordability. With the unique dual token (VET+VTHO) model detaching the volatility of VET and the cost of using the blockchain (VTHO), dApps running on VeChainThor are guaranteed stable and predictable fees. The Base Gas Price on VeChainThor benefits all developers and network users with low transaction costs. By leveraging the fee delegation and multi-task transaction features of the VeChainThor blockchain, dApps can provide a user experience much closer to conventional web applications.

As a business owner and developer, you can utilize fee delegation to elimin...

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