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VeChain Forecast 2021 to 2025 — Can VeChain revolutionize the supply chain?

VeChain Forecast 2021 to 2025

VeChain (VET) is already one of the few cryptocurrencies that can look back on a functioning product used in practice. In doing so, the team behind the project is taking an exciting approach. Via VeChain’s blockchain, products are to be tracked and allocated along the supply chain. In a global community where products can no longer be manufactured centrally in one place but across borders worldwide, tracking products is of great importance. VeChain creates the infrastructural basis for this in the form of a blockchain.

In the meantime, well-known companies are already using VeChain’s solution. Online retailers are allowed to securely track their products so as not to fall victim to returns fraud. Insurance companies can use the connection to an insurance object to check precisely whether a claim for payment exists in the event of an insurance claim. The major car manufacturer Renault also uses VeChain to check certain data, such as meter readings, maintenance, and repairs.

So VeChain has done a good job in the past and brought a functioning product to the market. This raises the question of whether the exchange-traded VeChain token VET could also benefit from its success in the form of an increase in value in the future? We investigate this question and analyze the historical price trend and evaluate the opinions of leading experts. We summarize the result in our VeChain forecast from 2021 to 2025.

New partnerships and projects

VeChain serves as the infrastructural base for a new app for recording COVID-19 tests. BitSe collaborated with I-Dante on the E-HCert app, which is being used in a hospital in Cyprus. The test results stored in the app are also part of the arrival and entry process at Larnaca International Airport. After their test, the patient receives special credentials that can be used to retrieve the test result stored on the blockchain. The developers assure that the app complies with the...

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