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Strength node vs. Strength x node questions

Hey there, 3 questions about strength node vs. strength x node: 1. Is it worth it to go from a strength node to a strength x node? What's the benefit (is the added vtho that much more meaningful)? What's the risk (beside more investment)? I assume it's more locked in -- that is, I couldn't sell any vet and I'd have to rely on vtho if I wanted to "cash out". 1. a. What's a feasible max price point for vtho in 1 year? If vet is at .50 year end, would that put vtho at approximately .04? Likewise, if vet is at 1.0, does that put vtho at .08? Is it that linear? Where do you see vtho in the near future? 2. Why are so many of the strength x nodes on the marketplace priced so wildly? Why is one millions of vet but the cheapest one only 11k vet? Is the cheap one a real one? 3. Would I need to have the 1.6 mil vet before I purchase the node? or can I get the node first and then activate it when I hit the 1.6 mil vet? Much appreciated for your helpful responses!
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