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Regarding initial TPS

I’m tired of seeing this misinformation/misunderstanding spread all over multiple threads recently. I would post this in the daily, but I feel an individual thread is more important to reach more of you. There are conflicting reports on whether VeChain will start at 50 or 100 tps. This is irrelevant. VeChain through Kevin and Sunny have said on multiple separate occasions that the platform can do up to roughly 10,000 tx/s. So why are they starting at 50/100? Is it because they don’t quite know how to do more? No. They simply don’t need to do more right now. When mainnet launches, the estimated load on the network will require ~50 to 100 txs per second, so that’s literally what they’re deploying. Once more enterprises start needing more network usage, they’ll simply require each authority node to add more processing power to increase tx/s. Just like if google saw a ramp in searches, and the ramp was something they’d need to maintain, they’d just add more servers to increase processing power to accompany the new load requirements. Look at it this way: Let’s say you have 100 people that want to play windows 10 solitaire whenever they want on your server. Well, you wouldn’t create a server farm the size google just to deploy solitaire to 100 people. That’s a waste of electricity and computers. In fact, a handful of decent computers would be just fine to handle this load. But as more people like to play solitaire (thousands and thousands), you’re going to need more processing power, and add more computers. The same is true for vechain. They’ll start with the bare bones minimum to meet their current requirements. As more demand is needed, they’ll require their authority nodes to add more processing power, which will increase tx/s. Make sense?
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2019 - a friendly reminder

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BMW talks about its blockchain ambitions

BMW will host the first European meetup for the MOBI blockchain alliance in Munich. The company is exploring blockchain for mileage and supply chains.
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2019 - a friendly reminder

February has not even ended, look how busy VeChain has been! Friendly reminder. :) #VeChain #Vet #Vtho #Thor #PWC #LMVH #DNVGL #MyStory— TokenVision (@TokenVision99) Februa...