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Recap of the First Fully Live AMA with 8Hours CEO and Lead Engineer in VeChain Community

Following the successful listing of EHrT on Bitrue exchange, we held another live AMA with the VeChain community in their Telegram Group. As in our previous AMA, we received a lot of important and insightful questions and we were again blown away by amazing questions from the active VeChain community.

For those who missed it, here is a recap of the AMA with our CEO John Dempsey and Lead Blockchain Engineer Sherman Meredith.

Before we get started, here’s a brief introduction of 8Hours from our CEO John Dempsey and Lead Blockchain Engineer Sherman Meredith.

John Dempsey is the founding director of 8Hours Foundation — working on this project for a couple of years now. He has a strong passion for games and collectibles and dropped out of his college studies of Computer Engineering to pursue his passions in the startup industry.

Sherman Meredith is a game developer for 9 years and a blockchain programmer for almost 4 years now. He has designed and written the smart contracts and ecosystem for 8Hours Foundation.

The 8Hours Foundation is building a platform to bring people together via social games. It’s right in the name… we strive to bring meaningful experiences to people for at least 8Hours a week.

We believe that’s what it takes to build and upkeep the most important social bonds in our life. And at the end of the day, that’s what the 8Hours represents — time spent with your family & friends.

The 8Hours platform revolves around VIMs — our smart NFTs, and VIMworld — our digital collectibles. VIMworld sets the stage for the gamification of VIMs and the use of EHrTs feeding those VIMs. It’s an app platform complete with games, collectibles viewing, a marketplace for trading, leaderboards, etc.

Let’s get started with the live AMA!

Question: EHrT’s role in its ecosystem seems clunky how is it expected to become user friendly when people currently involved in the space have difficulty understanding it?


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