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Part 2 of business AMA summary

PART 2: - The entire purpose of the twin-token economic design is to stabilise the cost associated with the transactions of payments, or execution of smart contracts on the VeChain Thor blockchain. Transaction fees will be significantly lower than existing public blockchains such as Ethereum, but the expected amount of transactions will be much higher. - VeChain welcomes all community members to help raise awareness of the VeChain platform within their communities or regions. There will be ‘Community Entity’ announcements coming for non-technical community members to contribute. - VeChain asks their clients, “Please list your requirements, and we will evaluate it for you.” There are many different types of hardware devices, chips, tags, sensors etc, which are suitable for many types of solutions. There is not a single chip that is end-all for every use case. - VeChain’s solutions are already being used by companies now on their consortium blockchain. These clients will be migrated over to the VeChainThor public blockchain on mainnet launch. - VeChain have signed several esteemed companies in the United States that are currently under NDA. There has been plenty of interest out of the US with many respectable companies reaching out to VeChain. A lot of time and resources will be devoted to North America in the future. - To the VeChain Ecosystem , Artificial Intelligence (AI) utilities would be a category for many ways to analyse data, along with other forms of machine learning. VeChain sees AI as a function of a type of application running connected within their ecosystem. AI is to solve problems in a much quicker and reliable fashion than humans. However, for this data to be reliable, the following 3 technologies must be met: 1) IoT sensing technology is accurate and reliable 2) Connection technology is reliable for data transmission 3) VeChainThor blockchain technology cannot be tampered with - In most cases, business partner solutions are formalised by ...
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