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No. You wont see a bull run anytime soon.

Hello Vechain. This is more or less a crypto currency thing but since Vechain is my highest holding by far (And the community is generally better here) I thought I would post here instead. Everyone calls bull runs everyday. Moon soon more lambos. Then they tell you not to take their advice and to do your own research. We know thats the general rule but with everyone screaming bull run its hard not to get a little excited. I'm here to give you a second opinion. A bearish one. Monthly and weekly RSI shows that we havent actually reached an all time low. In fact we havent actually reached the same bearish market cycle that we did in 2015. here we are revisiting the lows of 6k for a third time. People wont be shorting as aggressively right now as there have been two short squeezes at this level. Which means you will unlikely see the price be manipulated up in the short term Hope everyone has a good day. Of course we'll see all time highs in the future. Just probably not the near future. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.
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