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NFT Project on Vechain Platform help?

I am sorry if this has been explained before, but I have tried to read through relevant past posts and still a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated greatly. So I am an artist and want to start an NFT collection possibly on the Vechain network but need a bit of assistance. What I want, is similar to Vpunks. Basically instead of simply purchasing one of my pieces on Opensea... I want a random piece to be generated once purchased. How would I go about doing this? Or is this easily done? What I had envisioned was almost like a trading card game from my artwork. I have 500 pieces of artwork but some are rarer than others. Is it possible have say 20 NFTs of Artwork A and B (non rare pieces) and only 5 of Artwork C and D (rarer piece). Then when someone mints an NFT a random piece is generated from what is remaining? Much like opening a pack of trading cards? If what I am saying is stupid, please let me know why, as I would like to be educated on this. If it is feasible, please let me know how, as I am excited about this!
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