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New Website- Let's Build it!

to house website development** a) Share in aforementioned document, the discord chat and reddit 4. **Redesign scroll design to non-parallex - using Sketch or Figma** a) Get a list of sites that we want to model off (perhaps []( b) Get community feedback through Reddit pool on the best site to model off from a design perspective c) Document all pages on the website that need to be redesigned according to our design standards d) Implement content from tasks 1 and 2 e) Model the VeChain website design off these sites, with the content from task 1 f) Redesign each page that is necessary. Each page will be a task based off of 4c.g) Design mobile site accordingly page by page 5. **Implement design structure page by page** a) Create development standards and documentation b) Create an improved website development roadmap (we can break this up into subtasks)c) Implementing design for each page will be a task according to the designs created in 4fd) Implementing each mobile page will be a task according to the designs created in 4g e) Community feedback collection through a survey and reddit post f) Iterate on community feedback Suggestion: After you watch a video in use cases, it stays open after you scroll away from it, maybe we can revise that **EDIT: We can use non-developers too,** so if you just want to help, please join the discord! Linking twice because it's important: []( **EDIT: The biggest thing we need right now is designers. If you're a UI/UX designer or even just learning there, please join us!** We need your help as we have a lot of developers (although the more the merrier), but not much design help....
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