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New Website- Let's Build it!

## Hey all, I took our discussion about building a new Vechain website to heart. The reasons we need a new website are well-established and can be found in this great thread: [\_time\_vechain\_supporter\_being\_critical\_here/]( I saw a lot of talk about making making website redesign community-driven initiative and I see so many talented people in our community, I really think we can do it. **If we do well, I'm confident VeChain will listen to the community and perhaps take components of the site we create or the whole thing. Let's take part in the project we love!** So I broke up the work into smaller tasks so **everyone can realistically pitch in to make it happen.** If you're interested in helping, inserting your opinion, or just following along, we will discuss implementation and coordinate in this Discord chat I made, VeChain Website Development: []( We need more direction and subtasks on the development side (number 5) **but here are the steps as I see them** (we can break them up further, revise and add tasks but I wanted to get the ball rolling and make this collaborative): 1. **Take content from existing site** a) Pull all content into a separated document with content grouped by header and page b) Create and share public google drive document to house website contentb) Take all current website images and put them in a folder, named appropriately 2. **Select video from video competition for clear explanation of what VeChain does rather than existing CGI video** a) r/[\_1st\_place\_winner\_of\_the\_vechain\_video\_contest/]( b) Put video in previously mentioned document 3. **Make a new Github Repo ...
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