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Monthly Mainnet Analysis and Forecasting (Until July/19)

After a few well-appreciated monthly comments in the daily about the monthly growth of the mainnet, I decided to dedicate a separate post for it. It’s just my way of being proactive and engaging the community to share our thoughts about this project! Assumption/Comments for following analysis · Big shootout to VeChainStats for most of the data · Sometimes the amount of clauses I noted in the past differ a little bit from the numbers which are currently displayed on the VeChain stats site, I think this is due to a minority of clauses which are reversed… · I took the average VTHO burned per clause based on the average of the last two months (45.71 VTHO/clause) If we look at the increase in the amount of monthly clauses which happened during the month of July (Table 1), we immediately see that we have a **new record-breaking amount of clauses of approx. 14 million**. This monthly increase pulverizes our previous record of clauses which we got in June with 171%. Due to this result our **monthly average growth of clauses** – starting from Jan/19 – changed from 58% at the end of June towards **73%** now. If we compare the last two months with the beginning of this year, a nice evolution can be seen on a monthly basis. The only values which are not laying in line with the **steady increase** is May. This can certainly be seen in Figure 1. Here we are visualizing the monthly clauses starting from the beginning of this year until the end of July. This figure illustrates the actual amount of clauses (gray – REAL) compared to different growth scenario’s starting from January first. I envisioned different growth scenario’s for VeChain’s mainnet starting from 1.20 – which means an actual monthly growth of 20% - until 1.70. (Reminder: We are now having an actual monthly growth of 1.73 (73%)). Here we see that the actual monthly growth in transaction is quite correlated with **an exponential curve.** https://i.redd.i...
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