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Mjolnir X Node: Looking to pool.

Hi VeChainers, If you’re an X-Node holder, congratulations on believing in VeChain and I know we will eventually be rewarded 😊 However, I will recommend you to stop reading this post because I do not want you to lose your X-Node status. This post pertains to Non X Node holders with large amounts of VeT. A bit of background, I’m a huge VeChain believer. I’ve done numerous DYORs on many coins and have come to believe that VeChain will be an absolute monster for the years to come. It is my largest portfolio holding and I am currently qualified as a Thunder X Node. With the recent dump of VeT price, I have been DCAing as much as I can, hoping to achieve a Mjolnir X Node in the future (requirement is 15.6m VeT). However, I do not have enough fiat to achieve it before the 1st of September (if you’re not aware, there is a maturity waive if you hit the node status before monitoring begins on that date) I’m not sure how this post will be received, but I’m looking to pool VeT together to hit that 15.6m VeT mark to qualify as a Mjolnir X Node. **I am looking for FOUR INVESTORS with a MINIMUM of 2 million VeT to pool together, qualifying as a Mjolnir X Node.** Here are the Terms and Conditions: **Investment Period**: 2 years minimum **VTHO generation**: VTHO generation from your investment will be reinvested back into VeT. As for timing of the reinvestment, it will depend on timing and market conditions. i.e. definitely not in the beginning where there is no demand for VTHO. As I will be reinvesting myself, I will make the decision of when to trade VTHO for VeT. **ICO Investing**: The VeChain foundation has said that there will be preferential treatment (maybe even with discounts) for X Node holders. I can assist the pooled investor in investing in the ICO on their behalf. However, any ICO investment amount will not be subtracted from the initial pooling fund. Basically, any ICO investment will require additional VeT. **Admin Fee**: 5.2% of VTHO generation There will be a shared spreadsheet tracking your holdings and this will be updated weekly on Monday when the X Node payouts happen. I will also maintain a close communication with the investors to keep them updated on their holdings. They will also have the wallet observe function authorised, so they can see for themselves. What are the benefits? **Myself**: Qualified as a Mjolnir X Node / No 90 day wait / Increased VTHO generation **Investors**: Strength Node Holder: 38.7% additional VTHO generation Mjolnir Node Holder: 75.2% additional VTHO generation Overall additional VTHO generation: 75.2% - 38.7% - 5.2% = 31.5% + additional X Node payouts Investing in ICO as an X-Noder [Source]( for the VTHO generation **Requirments** \- Minimum 2 million VeT \- A facetime discussion will be required. The crypto market is extremely volatile. We will go through the thick and thin (like now). Hence, I want to be sure that the investor understands the risk and will ride it out for the period. \- KYC: Know your customer. Legal documentation will be required. This is to protect on my behalf should anything arise. Any legal documentation provided by the investor will be stored in USB, in a safe (yes I'm paranoid), with my Nano Ledge S 😊. When investment lock up period is over, the files will be deleted. \- Written statement from Investor: The source of funds used to purchase the VeT is legal source. This will be stored in the USB \- Signed Contract: Both parties (myself and investor) will sign a contract detailing the T&Cs of this investment. This will be stored in the USB. **FAQ** **4 Investors x 2 million VeT = 8 million VeT? You’re actually quite far off from qualifying a Mjolnir X Node?** Actually, I have over 10 million VeT. The reason I’m looking for that far is to provide a buffer. I understand that in extreme special circumstances, one investor may look to pull out. Even still, any withdrawing need to qualify as extreme financial hardship and will require unanimous approval from all other investors. Under no circumstance will the Mjolnir X Node be broken. I do not want to lose my X-Node status. **What happens if I have invested with you and you don’t find other investors to successfully pool together a Mjolnir X Node?** If that happens, I will refund you your original amount of VeT + any additional VTHO generated in the next X days. **How do we know if we can trust you?** I will be providing information about myself to the investors. However, it still boils down to trust. You have to trust me to carry out the fiduciary duties. Ironically, I find this funny, because blockchain is all about eliminating trust required from parties by trusting in the network. If you meet these requirements and are interested in investing, PM me. As we’re getting closer to 1 Sept, I’m hoping to have this sussed within the next 10 days.
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