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MiRei | HowTo VeChain Blockchain — Part 1

Import wallet into VeChain Sync

Sync is the desktop wallet for VeChain. It can be used to interact with the blockchain. After installation, it needs to be set to the testnet networks, simply by clicking on the green “main” text and the choose the “TEST” network.

After Sync is in testnet, we need to import the newly created wallet into Sync. This can be done by either importing the mnemonic words or by importing the private key.

VeChain Sync in Testnet Import private key into Vechain Sync Set name and Password for wallet in VeChain Sync

After the wallet is now availible in Sync, it is absolut crutial to compare the addresses generated by the script and shown in Sync. If these are not the same, something went wrong!

Imported wallet address in VeChain Sync Get testnet VET/VTHO from VeChain faucet

To be able to use the VeChain testnet, VET/VTHO is needed. To get some, open inside Sync and click on “Claim Tokens”.

VeChain Testnet faucet opened in Sync.

After clicking on “Clain Tokens”, you have to sign a certificate to identify yourself to the faucet. (This is a part of the VIP192 protocol.)

Sign a certification request in VeChain Sync

This will result in a transaction with 500 VET and 5000 VTHO send to the address ‘0xbc1497fc775f5cbf42dfeca44d97efaba79462b7’. (See transaction)

This is all for part 1. Stay tuned for the next part.

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