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Best video On VeChain Hands Down

In today's episode with the Crypto Cowboys we take a look at the Vechain THOR (VET) protocol and do a deep dive on how Vechain is bringing IOT (internet of t...
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VeChain (VEN) rises 60%

VeChain Price: $0.01494, 24Hr Change: 48.42, marketcap: 828627131, 24Hr volume:86160612.488536, 24Hr High: 1.356949, 24 Hr Low: 0.975682 Click to know more about VeChain .
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VeChain! The Rise Of VET (Article)

I have three cryptos, VeChain, EOS, and STEEM. And today let's talk about what VeChain is! VeChain(VET) is a blockchain platform that aims to connect supply-chains with a blockchain! It does this by p...