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Just went all in

I've had various holdings (including vechain) since summer of last year. I've been slowly consolidating into the projects I believe in the most (vechain, lisk, stellar lumens) but today I sold out of everything else and put it into vechain. I know a lot of people believe going all in on one is a bad idea, and I totally respect that opinion. However, the partnerships forged by vechain are too much to overlook in such a speculative market. It's fallen too much compared to my other holdings to pass up this opportunity. I also know a lot of people think we may have not seen the bottom yet, and they may be right. But if there's one thing I've learned over the past year, it's that no one really knows what the eff is going on unless they're a group of whales and those buttholes don't share the knowledge. I've cashed out more than I put in so I'm playing with the banks money anyway. Welp, I'm rambling at this point so uh, yeah. Go vechain. Go vechain go.
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