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VET · 1w write up on VeChain

seCoopers (PwC)

In May 2017 VeChain became part of the PwC's incubation program. This partnership is aimed to provide VeChain with access to the Hong Kong and South East Asia markets and PwC could optimize its accounting techniques by implementing the VeChain’s blockchain technology.

● Government of Gui’an

This is a partnership on a national level with the Chinese government. China wants to develop the mid-west part of the country, and that is why Gui’an is a strategic zone. It is part of an experimental national initiative. The plan for it is to become a “smart city” and VeChain was the only selected blockchain technology provider to participate in the building of this new area.

Some of the use cases of VeChain in Gui’an should be to certify government information sharing and to provide traceability solutions for the wine industry and the energy trading. The ultimate idea of this project is to prove to the government that the blockchain technology can be really useful for the country.

Similar projects in the past like the development of Shenzhen and Shanghai Putuo showed that might have a huge impact on the national economy.

● Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods sales centre Ltd. (DIG)

A total of 30% of all wine imported to China comes through DIG and VeChain provides a tracing platform for DIG. Each bottle contains a label which can be scanned by every customer to check if the product is genuine. This information can’t be faked because it is stored on the blockchain which is immutable.

● Kuehne & Nagel International AG

This is one of the leading transport and

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